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The pioneer of the practice of environmental control, life insurance and advanced separation technology


Integrated Solution Providers in Various Areas Based on Innovative Membrane Separation and Adsorption Separation, Life Security and Environmental Control, Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Technologies and Their Applications


Our patented and proprietary technologies can provide you with a variety of solutions to complex process problems.

Life support and environmental control Solution of oxygen generation technology based on modular pressure swing adsorption technology、Solut...

Clinical oxygen supply Life support and environmental control of urban underground space;Life support and environmental con...

Oxygen enriched combustion in industrial furnaces and kilns Energy-saving Retrofit of Oxygen-enriched Combustion-supporting for Coal-fired, Gas-fired and Oil-fi...

Energy saving reconstruction The technology of removing moisture from compressed air by SSS? technology is a membrane separation ...


In today's globalized world, SSS technology and your concern